Tickets and Fares

Only specific Dampfspektakel tickets are valid on all festival trains. You can find information about tickets, fares and where to buy your tickets here.

Here you can order single, day and event tickets:

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Single ticket

Fare zones Fares
1 Fare zone  7,50 €
2 Fare zones 15,00 €
Network 22,00 €

Day ticket

Fare zones Fares
1 Fare zone 27,00 €
2 Fare zones 54,00 €
Network 72,00 €

Event ticket

Fare zones Fares
1 Fare zone -
2 Fare zones -
Network 190,00 €

Single ticket

One-way trip with a special train within the detached zone(s).

Day ticket

Unlimited number of journeys on the same calendar day with all special trains within the redeemed zone(s).

Event ticket

All special train rides on all days of the event in the entire Dampfspektakel-network.

Single tickets are not valid for "Rund um Trier"; You need at least one day ticket for one tarif level to participate in the special trip.

No. On the day of your journey the tickets for the Dampfspektakel are valid on all trains and busses within the boundaries of the transport association Trier (fare zones Trier and Kyll). This way you can take the train or bus to the Dampfspektakel without any extra charges.

Yes. Children aged up to 14 travel free.

You can buy day tickets and festival tickets online Soon it will be possible to buy these tickets and single tickets from all self-service ticket machines of Deutsche Bahn and at the ticket offices at all stations in Germany with a "DB-Reisezentrum". Please note that tickets cannot be bought on the festival trains. You can find information on tickets and fares here.

Children under the age of 14 are allowed to travel for free, but there are no other discounts on the tickets.

No, there is no sale of special tickets on the trains. Please obtain tickets in advance on the Internet and from the beginning of April on DB ticketmachines as well as in the DB travel centers Trier, Cochem and Merzig.

Routes and zones

Routes and zones of the Dampfspektakel 2018.

Strecken und Zonen des Dampfspektakels