The locomotives

Probably you want to know who the main actors of the Dampfspektakel 2018 are. Therefore, we present here the used locomotives - please note that there may be changes in the short term; it is historical material, so that it is sometimes impossible to prevent short-term failures. By the way: The first number of the locomotive (eg 01) designates the series, the second the company number.

Schnellzuglokomotive 03 1010

Built in 1940 by the locomotive factory Borsig, drove the express locomotive 03 1010 after the war in the former GDR for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Mainly the locomotive was used as experimental and brake locomotive in Halle, drove also in the express traffic between Saalfeld and Berlin. The only operational model of the 03.10 series, the "Roaring Monster" has been in use again since 2011 as a museum locomotive and is still owned by Deutsche Bahn AG.

Malletlokomotive 11sm

The 11sm (sm stands for heavy mallet) was used on the Brohltalbahn between Brohl and Engeln due to its efficiency, in order to be able to pull on the steep section also heavy freight trains. 11sm was built for the Brohltalbahn in 1906 and served until 1966 before moving to the museum. After a few years in Viernheim, the locomotive came back to Brohl in 1989 and has been back in action in its former home country since 2015.

Güterzuglokomotive 52 8195

52 8195 was built in 1943 and was one of the almost 1,500 war locomotives that later formed the backbone of freight traffic in the former GDR. The locomotive used its 1,650 HP until 1993 for the Reichsbahn, since then it is kept operational by the Franconian Railway Museum.

Dampflokomotive 78 468

Built in 1923, locomotive 78 468 is one of the oldest locomotives in the Dampfspektakel. Therefore, the phasing out in 1969 does not surprise - after all, she had been on the rails for almost 50 years, including in the Wuppertal region and in Hamburg. After a few years as an exhibit, 78 468 has been on the road again since 1998 as an operational heritage railway. It is owned by the Association Eisenbahn-Tradition e. V. in Lengerich.

Elektrolokomotive 103 113-7

For several decades, the class 103 was one of the best-known locomotives on German rails. 103 113-7 ran from 1970 to 2003 until it was replaced by the ICE trains. Until then, this locomotive, like its model sisters, drove all IC traffic in Germany. Today the locomotive is owned by the DB Museum in Koblenz.

Dampflok CFL 5519

Built in Vienna for the Luxembourg State Railways (CFL), 5519 was mainly used in the heavy freight train service and transported until 1964 in international transport to Belgium and France heavy coal and ore trains. Then she stood until 1987 in Bettembourg, before she was extensively restored and from 1992 could go as a special train locomotive in operation. It is operated by the 5519 aassociation sans but lucratif in Luxembourg.

Schnellzuglokomotive 01 202

The locomotive factory Henschel built the express locomotive 01 202 in 1937. After the Second World War, it was used until the 1960s in the German Federal Railways as a locomotive for express trains. After her retirement in 1973, she was transferred to Switzerland in 1975, where since 1990 the property of the association "Pacific 01 202" is and lovingly maintained and ready for use.

Diesellokomotive V200 033

The series V200 was one of the first diesel locomotives of the German Federal Railways and was built from 1956. Like its sisters, V200 033 was mainly used to transport high-quality express trains on all major routes. Due to the progressive electrification, the locomotives were gradually replaced. V200 033 is now owned by the Hamm Railway Museum.

Güterzuglokomotive 52 1360

Like many of her brothers and sisters of the series, 52 1360 (manufactured in 1942 under the factory number 15457) was used by the German Reichsbahn in the GDR. After she was retired in 1987, she was bought by Railway Museum Vienenburg in 1987. Since 2004 she has been on the road again as a museum train and is currently stationed in Eisenach.

Güterzuglokomotive 52 8154

The freight train 52 8154 was built in 1943 as Kriegslok 52 4896 and was rebuilt in 1965 to 52 8154. It was used in heavy freight and passenger train service, including 1982 to 1984 in the lignite combine Bitterfeld. In 1992, the locomotive was decommissioned and is now a listed monument of the Free State of Saxony.

Schnellzuglokomotive 01 1075

From the Netherlands, the express locomotive 01 1075 visits the Dampfspektakel. The locomotive drove on German rails between 1940 and 1975, since 1976 the Netherlands is her home. After installing a PZB90 system in 2010, it can also be seen on German routes again. Owner is the Stoom Stichting Nederland.